Sunday, February 20, 2011

"words actually do matter" written 8-25-10

friends, I love you..and I know it's not intentional..but how long will it be until people stop using the word " retarded" as an insult?
I mean..REALLY?! it's still socially acceptable to call someone a retard?
I can't even tell you how angry and sad this makes me.
do we walk around laughing and saying " ohh hahah you're acting like a handicapped person" as if being handicapped is a choice?
Once I actually witnessed someone go a step further and tell someone they were acting autistic. it was meant as an insult, in a casual joking manner. If the comment had been directed at me I would have spoke up. But I bit my lip. Hard.
I have decided to address it whenever I hear it from now on.
so please, just stop it.
stop it stop it stop it stop it.

thanks <3

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