Sunday, February 20, 2011

"bandaids" written march 14th 2010

I'm convinced there is a direct connection between how responsible someone is and if they keep band aids in the house.
I mean, seriously. It doesn't matter how old you are, at some point, you are going to need a band aid. Responsible people are prepared.
The thing is, whenever I'm in the store and I happen to notice the band aids, I think " man! band aids are expensive! I'm not buying those now". Of course I'm never actually bleeding while I'm passing the band aid aisle , if only..THAT would be motivation. But nope, that has never actually happened, so I just keep on being unprepared. Maybe it's like- positive thinking? if I don't THINK I'll need a band aid I won't?'re right. I'm just not very responsible.

speaking of bleeding fingers. Today I paid Malachi fifty cents to vacuum out the van. Scratch that- I TOLD him I'd pay him fifty cents and then he did a pretty lousy job and I sorta forgot to pay him. Ohhh don't feel sorry for him, he LIKES vacuuming . And he'll remind me about the fifty cents later.(probably) But the point is- it was beeeautiful outside today! it was positively spring. springrific and it made me glad down to my very toes. OH! but that wasn't the point either- I had to move some things out of the van before he could vacuum (I really hate the way that word is spelled) and I was moving some glass for a picture frame and cut my finger and then was dripping blood everywhere. *note- buy band aids to keep in van* . Don't most people keep frames and glass in their vans? shoot that really doesn't sound safe now that I think it through . . .
so it's spring now. there's no going back. I mean- the weather might try to scare me with more snow sometime soon ,but I've already "gone there" in my heart and in my mind and so now there it is. I can't go back.

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