Sunday, February 20, 2011

monkeys in a blizzard

all three are on my bed playing
(why does it always have to be OUR bed??)
I hear Violet crying " my hello kitty! my hello kitty!"
I walk in, ask which one is taunting her with her hello kitty?
(no one confesses)

"ok guys! I mean it! where is the hello kitty!?"
Ivan stands smirking with this pants pulled up suspiciously too high

"Ivan? hello kitty..IN your pants?"
*giggling* he shakes his leg and hello kitty falls down onto his foot.


the boys come in from playing in the snow and are watching the snow falling out the window talking
Violet overhears them and suddenly declares " Mom! there's a WIZARD outside!! (she means Lizard) I'm GARED OB WIZARDS!"

quick explanation of what a BLIZZARD is calmed that furrowed brow right down.

Ivan- " OH! I fink I just swallowed my burp!"

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