Sunday, February 20, 2011

"lavender sheep and green antelope" written oct 29 2009

If you were wondering why they painted the house black- well now I know. They have this tree in front that in the fall turns this insanely vibrant red and with that charcoal house as a back round *slurp* Mmmm it's just tremendous.
More people should really paint their houses colors based on the nature around them.
The rain made the leaves even MORE colorful today. As if that is even possible. Seriously. I'm supposed to get through the day with THAT outside my window? I don't know if I should laugh or cry.
Walking in the rain this morning I looked down and the grass and the wet leaves were glowing. GLOWING and the backs of all the red ones are the most heavenly lavender color colour col-lure...lure....lure...............
If it hadn't been so cold and miserably drippy I might not have come back inside. I might not have come back at all. I'd just be wandering the streets exclaiming to the heavens and jamming leaves into my pockets.
I collect more leaves them my kids do when we go for walks. I can't stop. Where should I put them? No where. It's too late already, all you have is these two eyeballs and they don't have a long memory so you try to drink it up but it's panic because it's going to fall away the second you turn your head.
Remember laying on the ground and really FEELING it beneath your body? Feeling how joined you were to it? And then imagining the ground tipping in all directions and how that would feel.....
What was that one dream? About the sheep and the grass and the sinking world..that was a good one. But they weren't sheep, they were some other lavender animal.
Lets move somewhere were it is autumn forever. Shall we? Can we? Would it be morally wrong to move away from everyone you love simply for the autumn? It might be necessary at some point. For my fragile sanity

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