Sunday, February 20, 2011

"funnier when it's not you" written oct 20 2009

Wife- ...the Dr asked if he took after you, because he's so solid ..I said , yeah, you were always very muscular

Husband- yeah but you gave our kids the big legs

Wife- me? *I* gave them big legs?

Husband- yeah, because you have big legs

Wife- oh and you DON'T have big legs?

Husband- no , I do, but mine are long, and yours are (hand gesture) short

Wife - so I have SHORT FAT legs huh?

Husband- no no no- not FAT- muscular. I said muscular

Wife- no you didn't. You said "big"

Husband- big doesn't mean FAT.

Wife- well it's not good.

Husband- well you yourself say you have big legs! You say that when you work out they just get bigger and you hate that- because they are muscular- not fat. I didn't say fat

Wife- "big" is the same thing- you know what? Just stop talking.


Just for the record, when I have self esteem issues there is less naked time. I'm just saying

Husband - great.

Some time later.......

Wife- ouch! Ouch! Man! I jammed my wrist..ow...

Husband- huh? When? Just now?

Wife- yes! I just fell down the stairs! Didn't you hear that?

Husband- you just fell down the stairs right now?

Wife- yes! Didn't you hear me?

Husband- well I heard SOMETHING, but it didn't sound like a human- it sounded *LIGHT*

Wife- ha! Nice try ...ass

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