Tuesday, February 22, 2011

laughing is more important than my pride

2 drivers lisences ago I had the cutest picture ever. I don't know how it happened.
I was painting all day, broke away from the job just long enough to get in and out of the DMV. (I'm even wearing painter bibs in the photo)

the time after that did not go so well. I looked like a man. a man from 1974. a DEAD man from 1974.So, when I lost it I didn't feel all that sad about it.

I've been carrying around my old one (the cute one) and making up excuses for not going to get a new photo.

But today was the day. today defeat the DMV camera ,and finally be victorious against their bad lighting and wonky lens.

My plan? makeup. and lots of it.

what have I learned from this experience? two things.

A) the DMV camera will never be defeated because it has satan on it's side.
B) never EVER wear eyeliner under my eyes again (unless it is halloween)

WHO IS THAT PERSON!? please God, tell me it's not ME. How is one eye that much different in size and shape? why is my face so HUGE? did I gain 30 pounds while I was standing in line? why is my face orange? why do I look angry?

this photo is destroying any self esteem I had left

But hopefully YOU enjoy it. Hopefully YOUR license is even worse and we can all have a good laugh. because laughing is good. right?

go ahead. laugh it up fuzzball.

this photo was taken right after I got home.
suck it DMV! I'm on to you and your evil ways


  1. hahahhaahhaahaha oh nina, that pic is awfulllllllll <3 <3
    don't feel bad about it--you are bloody GORGEOUS, as we all well know. i'm telling you, it's that SHIT LIGHTING.


  2. it's really really bad. it's so bad it's funny.
    well- it's funny as long as I remember not to look at it. which will be awkward when the cashier asks me for my ID and I dig in my purse and hand it to her with my eyes closed.

  3. it looks like I'm wearing a helmet in my picture, try to explain that one!