Sunday, February 20, 2011

"synesthesia " written Aug 28th 2009

you may have heard me talk about this I see numbers or letters in specific colors, giving items a sex - spoons are girls, forks are boys...butterknives are...hermaphrodites. And it's all funny and whatever...

Well, I've heard people talk about how people on the autism spectrum are often synesthetes, and I wondered, how will I know if Malachi thinks this way? I wonder if he does what I do?

Today I gave him an alphabet to color. I dumped out some old broken dingy crayons and put the sheet in front of him.
He said " A's are red". Well that didn't surprise me...most people identify A as red, A is for Apple...
Then he said " B is green" ....." C is blue- LIGHT blue" he went on to identify each one and THEN look for the right crayon. He even tested all the reds on the corner of the page before picking which one would be the right red for " w" He said " F is yellow...G is yellow too..." he was VERY specific (much more specific than how I view them in my head)

This might not seem all that significant..after all, it's just a way some people think, no big deal..
But it's HUGE to me because it gives me insight into how Malachi might think about things. Of course I have no idea to what degree or intensity he experiences this, but even so, just knowing that there is that element going on could mean a whole lot more about how he *sees* and experiences the world around him.

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