Sunday, February 20, 2011

"kid-logic " written 12-10-10

snuggling with Ivan in bed:
Ivan: " you have to close your eyes. if you peek your eyes can't paint tomorrow"
me: " *GASP* can I have another chance??"
Ivan: " sure"
Ivan this morning upon finding a dime on the floor:
Ivan: " here mom, take it for good luck today. if you find a quarter on the means you get to paint ALL DAY. *smiling* uh-huh. it's good luck. and that's REAL"
Violet on the potty:
violet: " mommy! wash my bottom!" " sanks for washing my bottom mommy! yoor a good helper! *mwah*"
Violet finding a crack in her plate:
Violet: " see! it's boken! uncle jonny can fix it"

Nighttime with violet:
4am, Violet wakes up crying, I go in her room and she says
violet: " I go peepee!"
me: " you want a new diaper on?"
violet: "huh" (uh-huh)
I lift her out from under the tent on her crib and lay her on the floor
she lays with her hands covering her eyes
violet: " can't look at the dark"
me: "it's ok violet"
violet: " i wanna watch sumping else" ( that's what she says when she wants to watch tv. she's so used to walking in the room and seeing robots or pokemon or something that she is now in the habit of saying " I want to watch something else" right away)
me: " no honey. it's not time to watch tv, it's still night time"
Violet (still with hands on her face) " I want to go in my bed whi' my banket and my meee-ilk"
I put her back in her bed and cover her with the triangle blanket- it can ONLY be the triangle blanket, not other blanket can touch her- unless triangle blanket is in the wash, then she will settle for kitty-blanket. But ONLY if the triangle is not available. And if it is, then kitty blanket is not allowed to get in on the action. I must make sure the blanket covers her feet...
and she says something about flowers...
I say " what do you want with flowers?"
violet : " I want my mee'illlk in my boddoh (bottle) with the flowers on it"
anything else? a massage maybe?

crying again.
violet:" mommmeee! I wan a 'nuggle-wuggle you in yoo bed. in YOO BED" *wailing*

I bring her in our bed where she keeps on kissing me over and over...but then.....she sees dad. who is just snoring like a monster. (scary)! switch her to the other side away from him and only half-sleep to make sure she doesn't fall out. I put her back in her bed, but it doesn't last and she's back in ours shortly.
this morning I wake up at 5:30 to help Ivan turn on cartoons & get him a snack.
When I sneak back to bed I see Jesse laying way over on his side almost falling out of bed. and Violet's head in his armpit and her legs spread eagle so that she's taking up most of my side. how can a 2 year old take up that much space?
I situate her and dont sleep yet because the alarm is going to go off at 6:30 and wake her.
Instead, at 6:29 I poke jesse with my toes until he wakes up . he sneaks out and I lay there listening to little violet softly snoring by my face. I almost doze off, but at 7 she wakes up and joins the boys. we see dad off to work and make toast.


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