Sunday, February 20, 2011

" I just have a few questions" written july 15 2010

hey lady with the white doggie: how come you're always wearing an apron when you walk your dog?

person wearing the most gigantic tye-dye shirt ever made: Why? was it a gift?

little girl at the waterpark: who taught you to wrinkle up your nose & roll your eyes when you see a kid acting differently then you?
what's your phone number? I want to have a chat with your mommy

girl at the checkout: good call on the side-ponytail today, but I can still see the hickey on your neck. have you been nervous about it all day?

mr dermatologist: I can tell you're not listening and don't care. however, if I had to look at people's skin all day long I'd look gray and deflated too.
do you you hate your job?

pharmacist: I said it's not problem to come back tomorrow, because you are very cheerful and it's not your fault. the truth is it is a big problem to come back tomorrow.
it's kind of a huge pain in the butt actually. Will you just bring it to my house for me instead?

eczema: what the cuss ARE you?? and does it have anything to do with an alien invasion?

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