Sunday, February 20, 2011

"this is not important and will not change your life" written 8-3-10

project runway has started and I finally watched the first episode last night. My least favorite is when they spend all this time on the people and give you this lame attempt at back-stories that never even matter anyway. I don't care! I just want to see the clothes! I don't care about the PEOPLE. sheesh.

jesse is already in bed at this point , so I gracefully bound into bed like a dainty gazelle...

ok not really. I dive into bed like a monster is after me or under the bed and WILL grab my ankles if I linger ... Like when your dad pretends to be a shark and chases you up the stairs and you are running for your life and you LEAP into bed squealing in terror.
didn't you all play " sharky-boy" when you were little? no? REALLY? ..that's so strange.
In my memory " sharky-boy" was a game we played often, begging dad " come ON dad! SHARK-EE-BOY! SHARK-EE-BOY!" until he'd give in. But you know how memories could be that we only played it a few time over a very short period and for some reason I've just built it up in my head .
well, the point is that if sharkyboy were chasing you you would have a hard time lightly hopping into bed too.
I guess this is the part where I wake Jesse up.
Maybe it wasn't sharkyboy, maybe it was that 1/2 can of original pepsi I had at 5:00? (I'm just like your gramma!)
Now we're both awake and Jesse discovers that Malachi has once again messed with the ceiling fan and it's going in the wrong direction. And of course this is crucial to the sleep-process. So he stops the fan with his hand and we find one of the blades is loose and it's been dislodged all wonky-like and now the thing won't turn at all. ..
so then there are lights on and screwdrivers being found and more standing on the bed and laughing and then he drops the flashlight on my face barely missing my nose- etc etc
ok now it's midnight.
and we're finally back in bed but we're both wide awake.

and then Violet..and then Ivan..and then Malachi- who is the funniest because he just came downstairs, commandeered my water bottle, gulped down it's entire contents like he's been in the desert for 3 days and then walks back upstairs to bed without another sound.

the rest of the night is tossing and turning like someone slipped us both some chocolate covered espresso beans (gosh I love those)

so lets all just wake up at 6am and drink allotta coffee! OK! hurrah!

have a lovely day!

PS I swatted and killed FIVE mosquitoes in my bathroom this morning. WHERE DID THEY COME FROM?

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