Sunday, February 20, 2011

"free advice" written 1-17-11

knives are sharp.

you're welcome!
oh don't's only a "flesh wound" which makes completely no sense to me- don't all wounds involve the flesh? unless you're talking about emotional wounds, but if I said that, jesse would quote homer simpson “Marge, why are you crying? You’re not in any physical pain, the only kind of pain a man can understand."

as I was saying.. "flesh" . that word gives me the shivers. as does " weepy" because you immediately think of a " weepy would" or perhaps even " oozy" which is even more sick.

I'm sorry I just put all that in your brain, but if I can help one person..just one! it's all worth it.

to redeem myself, I will leave you with one GOOD word:



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