Sunday, February 20, 2011

"indecisive" 1-4-11

standing in the grocery store trying to pick out icecream.

I stare at the ben & jerrys for about 5 minutes straight which drives jesse insane. he wants me to buy the 2-for-$5 stuff that is on sale. but it's not good and I know it.
I KNOW I like "karamel sutra", but I feel obligated to try something new..just in case.........
so I go back and forth....and back..and forth... until I realize that my husband is now singing along to Wilson Phillips being piped into the grocery store overhead. totally knows all the words and is singing in a high falsetto voice. I told him I'd give him five bucks if he belted it out loud enough for others to hear him. But he was too chicken. however NOT too chicken to drop some nuts that I could not help caressing in the produce section (so shiny and smooth!) and then give a giant kick to one sailing it across the store.
I pretending I wasn't with him.

PS I got a different flavor and regretted it.

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