Sunday, February 20, 2011

"IOU" written July 12 2010

How come chicken broth is called " stock" ? who made that up ? it doesn't even make any sense
is it because it's golden? stocks= gold= money...? yes?

well I've been making my own stock lately because I finally manned-up and started roasting whole chickens like a real grownup
But I get really grossed out handling raw chicken , especially when it's a whole feels too much like a real picking up someone's pet doggie
or a bunny rabbit or something. It just creeps me right out. And then the other day I took one out of the package and there were still some feathers on it!
listen! if I'm going to prepare meat, I don't want to be reminded that it was once alive. I want to be in complete denial of that fact.

well if you're buying a nice organic chicken it just makes way more sense to throw a bunch of onions, celery and carrots in there and then save the broth instead of buying canned mystery stuff that will most likely kill me slowly. Plus it saves money.

so, suddenly I find myself with a plethora of broth adding up. I've been measuring it and freezing it in 2 cup portions so that when I have a recipe that calls for stock I am all set

and I was wondering..since I am all stocked on stock..and not so much in the dollar department..
can I just pay you in stock?

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