Sunday, February 20, 2011

"all I need is.." written august 12 2009

target 1pm. mid icee order I realize A) I have nor brushed my teeth today and B) I haven't eaten anything but coffee and a fig newton.
how many pairs of shoes does a kindergartner and a 2nd grader need ? answer- 4 (each)
regular shoes, gym shoes (all the velcro pairs get picked up immediately by a giant swarm of desperate mothers) rain boots and winter boots. YES rain boots are necessary. Because teachers do not care if your child walks in a puddle and has wet feet all day long. Ok ok..maybe they *care* but there is nothing that will really be done about it, so yes. rain boots.
so lets see..YES I need the stupid velcro shoes - NOT on sale because of all the swarming - and YES I need toilet paper..and YES I need the icees because otherwise we can't get shoes and YES I need those silly capsules that dissolve in water and turn into foam dinosaurs that no one will actually play with afterward and YES I need those stretchy headbands in the dollar section. yes. but that's IT. seriously. now that is IT I am putting my foot down.

solution to forgetting to eat? a piece of string cheese & more coffee (cold) we're good to go!

I wish paint stores delivered. seriously..I could use a couple gallons. that's all. like 3. no 4 . Four gallons of paint and that's IT. and that's all I need. and maybe a new brush. that's all. and a sewing machine. but that is all- and two curtain rods. That's it! that's all I need! and then we are allll set and ready to go.

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