Sunday, February 20, 2011

"pat yourself on the back" written aug 29 2009

Dear lady who offered to help me in target,I'm so sorry about the deer-in-the-headlights-stare I gave you. I just have never had a stranger actually ask me if they could help me before, I didn't know how to respond. even though I didn't take you up on your offer, I want you to know it still counts as your good deed for the day.

did I miss national-wear-your-pajamas-all-day Day today?? DID I??? I sure hope not... it can't be a coincidence that I saw THREE- count 'em- three people wearing full-on pjs at the store this afternoon. Not kidding.TWO of them actually had slippers on. SLIPPERS! and that dude with the really long hair had on plaid jammy bottoms AND slippers. did anyone else see him? and I wasn't even in wal-mart!!countless others were wearing "lounge-wear" the kind of stuff you COULD sleep in, OR go out in public and no one would be the wiser (otherwise known as " homeschooler-during-the-day-clothes") I didn't know whether to scold them or give them a high-five.

a horse trailer just drove by. I wonder if I ever actually explained to my parents that it wasn't that I just didn't WANT to help put the horses in the trailer, or give them a bath, the truth is- I was actually effing terrified to be a part of those two chores. As much as I loved our horses I was sincerely scared out of my mind that they were going to kill me at some point. I wonder why I never said " but I'm SCARED" ?

I wonder how you get the job of naming and designing wine labels? I am fascinated by them . I think they are great (SOME of them are great anyway). I don't drink wine- I want to- but my pancreas doesn't

yesterday I totally held it together through a major crisis (major in my world) and I was kind of proud. I reeeally kept my cool. About an hour after everyone was nice and calmed down I tried to open the craft drawer with the tempera paints inside, it was stuck, so I kicked it as hard as I could and smashed the whole drawer into pieces and broke my big toenail off. one kick. that drawer fricken deserved it. bastard. But really I did a good thing because now it's really easy to get the paints out, seeing as there is not front on the drawer anymore. EFFICIENT!

I really like this movie Mr Mgorium's Wonder Emporium..even though it makes me think about death and then I cry a little...The only problem is that Malachi is now convinced all the toys are secretly magic, and when we go into target he bounces the super balls as hard as he can and we have to flee the aisle

this espresso truffle coffee was seriously the best thing I could have done with my last $3.38. I don't

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