Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Valentine's Day: an excuse for companies like hallmark to make money & people who buy into it are suckers? *OR* Hurray for love!" V-Day 2010

I've heard the argument that you shouldn't be doing it because "society" or companies trying to make money say you SHOULD , that isn't authentic.
and I agree totally.
And... I think it's the " cool" answer.

But then, there's the other part of me that thinks, oh COME ON people! do you really have to find another reason to hate a holiday? REALLY?

If I'm completely honest with myself, I like the idea of many people all collectively doing something on the same day for a reason big enough like LOVE. I guess I'm a big stupid sap for saying that. SO WHAT.

My kids cut out hearts and then give them to other kids smiling and thinking about friendship. We hang up a heart mobile and it reminds us to think about what does love mean?
we bring our spouse some flowers or write them a card reminding them that I still choose to love you.
we shape cookies into hearts and then frost them with pink icing and hand them to each other thinking " see! I made it for YOU"
we use it as an excuse to wear pink and red from head to foot (because that is fun and you know it)
what's wrong with that?
or do we all just need to PROVE - yet again- that we're superior to all that silly frivolous nonsense
and refuse to " follow the crowd"

awww knock it off already and eat a cookie and be nice to another human being
because it's all about the love baby.

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