Thursday, March 10, 2011

sisters abuse facebook

Lindsey trepanier:
I'm getting the coughies toooooo. but I will keep that in mind. So instead of continuing to talk on your answering machine waiting for you to pick up I will just leave a somewhat normal message :)
post script: you will be getting an email to your gmail filled with random wedding ideas :)...

Nina Schmidt: good call. I want so much wedding emails that my inbox actually throws up. bring. it. on.

Nina Schmidt: ‎" so much wedding emails" ? what?


Lindsey Trepanier: WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!! you liked my comment on your comment within 2 seconds of me posting it! efficient!

Nina Schmidt: I really like being efficient

Lindsey Trepanier: yes so much wedding emails.

Lindsey Trepanier: I really like saying efficient with an emphasis on that first E sound.

Lindsey Trepanier: EEEEEeeefficient

Nina Schmidt: i like to emphasize the CHH part

Nina Schmidt: effinicient

Nina Schmidt: get it?

Lindsey Trepanier: oh yeah. I'm lolzing all over the place. I get it. EFF yeah I get it.

Nina Schmidt: I hate spelling it though. who made that up? it's stupid

Lindsey Trepanier: you know what word for whatever the devil reason I cannot spell correctly (in fact I spell it so incorrectly that even spell check doesn't pick up how to correct it) inconvenience

Lindsey Trepanier: DUDE I HAVE TO PLAN A WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAHHHH!!!!

Nina Schmidt: i actually have to say " eee fish eeee-ent" in my head every time. and that takes too much time.

yes. I have to say that one too hard too. so basically..neither word is efficient OR convenient to say or spell

Nina Schmidt: a wedding we can do. but please lets stop using the words " efficient" or " convenient"

Nina Schmidt: PS I had to use spell-check like..three times so far
Lindsey Trepanier: EXACTLY. not efficient. not convenient.

spell check. me too.

Lindsey Trepanier: is anyone else reading this nonsense? if so I feel bad for you...but I however am so very amused.

Lindsey Trepanier: Actually, come to think of it, it's been a while since we've gone back and forth on one facebook post. We were over due.

Nina Schmidt: dude. if you haven't noticed I'm alll about public humiliation.
I find it somewhat therapeutic. just get it all out there. just do it.
current status update is a perfect example. I do stupid shit. sometimes I fall down the stairs. sometimes I write on my hand and then touch my face and have ink on my face all day. sometimes I say a word way too loud

Lindsey Trepanier: WHAT WORD!?!?! I MUST KNOW!

Nina Schmidt: the best part is- even if someone did read this- they would probably not even crack a smile. You and I however- are almost going to wet our pants
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Lindsey Trepanier heehee!! I know. I love it.
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Nina Schmidt know..word(s) plural. just those sorts you're not supposed to say too loudly
like saying " foreskin" in the ymca and misjudging the emphasis worrying it might just have echoed

Nina Schmidt: think " 500 days of summer" (penis)

Lindsey Trepanier: also I keep eating these tortilla chips because I'm hungry, and they are so salty that they are hurting my lips yet I won't stop shoving them in my face.

Lindsey Trepanier: PENIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsey Trepanier: okay I'll admit that was uncalled for. sorry facebook.

Nina Schmidt: SEE!!! gagaggaah! oh man. I meant to say " hahahah" but my hand was on the keyboard wrong and gagagagaga is just funnier

Nina Schmidt: we should train ourselves to laugh with the G sound instead of an H. just never explain it, never acknowledge it- just suddenly start laughing like " GAGAGAGAGA" from now on

Lindsey Trepanier: gagagagagagagaga!!!!!!! what is also funny, is that Dale will come home, and I will inevitably show him this facebook post, that has gotten WAY out of control, because I will still think it is funny. He will most likely not. He will stare at it wide eyed and ask "does it ever end??"

Nina Schmidt: I want a t-shirt that says " spell-check saved my life"
because it very well may have at some point and I just dont even know it

Nina Schmidt: eventually you'll get to the point in your relationship when you don't even show him. he'll just come home- see you silent-laughing and he'll just shake his head and walk away

Lindsey Trepanier: spell check could also ruin your life :

Nina Schmidt: oh that's not right

tara: facebook has a spellcheck?

Lindsey Trepanier: Hi Tara !! :)

Nina Schmidt: that figures that tara would not know that. you probably can spell efficient and convenient in your sleep
Lindsey Trepanier: NINA! stop it! we don't want to think about those words right now!

Nina Schmidt: when I bought my domain name I freaked out for a good thirty minutes wondering if I had misspelled " palette" on my website

Nina Schmidt: I still freak out a little every time I write it

Lindsey Trepanier: sounds about right (the freak out, not the spelling)

Nina Schmidt: gagagagagaga

Maryjane :I'm reading it you silly girls. Spellcheck wanted to change silly to 'silt'.

Nina Schmidt: fyi. Im going to post this entire convo on my blog.
yes I am!!

Tara: i can spell my way into heaven but once i get here if they ask me to draw my own bed, i'm sleeping on the floor for eternity.

Nina Schmidt: tara my little poet, I'm sitting next to you so I can copy off your page. and I will take your side of the bed too. I like to spread out

Lindsey Trepanier: this comment-a-thon is starting to wear me out!

Nina Schmidt: ‎*checking for a pulse* I just killed the thread didn't I.
well happens. I guess it might as well have been me

Tara:oops I wrote "here" rather than "there" and even spell check would not pick up on that grammatical error. Does FB offer grammar check?

Nina Schmidt: it does not. OBVIOUSLY.

Lindsey Trepanier: check for the pulse, throw some Gatorade on its face and play the rocky theme song and run one last victory lap nin.

Tara: The End.

Nina Schmidt: shit.
I was just about to put on some face paint.