Monday, March 14, 2011


flying out of Philadelphia the security was pretty tight and I had to take my belt off and sweater to get past the metal detector but in Milwaukee I could wear a big fat belt buckle and walk right through without the slightest beep.
i find that disturbing.

also disturbing is how comfortable people can be on an airplane.
one man picked his nose (did not even try to hide it)
another bit his fingernails so loudly that I found myself staring at him- unable to look away. How can you bite your fingernails LOUDLY you ask? he was literally sucking and smacking on his thumb. it was wrong.
actually- I think this was the same guy that wolfed down a salad the size of my 2 year old while waiting at the gate, and then ate an entire bag of nuts (not snack-size) right before boarding. he was a very very thin man in a business suit.

who made up the suit anyway? isn't it odd that the only way a man can be " dressed up" is to wear a suit with hardly any option for variation other than the color. and even in color you can choose from dark blue, black gray or maybe- if you're daring- dark green. ? it must be terribly boring. AND uncomfortable.

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