Friday, March 25, 2011

autism : 1 . Us: 0

well THAT just happened.

great day. the only email from school was a little note saying the boys were doing great.

drive home on the bus clearly was NOT great. Ivan was too noisy. Malachi wants him to follow the rules, so when he doesn't, Malachi can't cope. which is why we have an aide on the bus.

She needs to be fired.

Ivan was noisy , so Malachi hit him.
so the bus pulls up, Malachi runs off the bus- in "flight or flight" because he knew he did the wrong thing by hitting, afraid of me knowing - he runs into the house and locks the door.

Violet and Malachi are inside.
Ivan and I are outside.

Malachi is in crazy-mode

I try the back door- locked.

the driver stays with the bus idling watching me run back and forth while Ivan screams and pounds the door. She watches as I stand in my rain boots and t-shirt in the snow shivering while I try to coach the 2 year old how to turn the lock on the old wonky screen door.
the bus driver offers me her cell . I call my mom who is in the grocery store. I tell her to come when she's done (even though I know she does not have a key). it satisfies the driver and she finally drives off.
I wait until the bus is out of sight I kick the old door until it breaks and falls apart

reach in and open the lock.

I wish I could say it was the first time he's locked me out.

felt good to kick the shit out of something anyway.

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