Tuesday, March 15, 2011

phone calls from school

I'm now thinking I should have been keeping a record of all the reasons school calls me.like:

"Ivan refused to pick up his apple because it was covered in germs , screaming and demanding the custodian pick it up for him"

" Ivan had a melt down because he wanted to put the rubber band on the deck of cards"

"Malachi is stuck in a chair"

or better yet- the ones I call or email school over:

" why does Malachi insist the librarian wants a framed picture of an animal? and what are the pennies for?"

" Malachi is upset because Ranger Rick still has not come in the mail. good luck with your day"

"Malachi couldn't sleep last night because he wants to go to florida to feel the sand. he cried for a long time. he might be tired today"

" please tell Ivan I found Pig" (i did not elaborate)

" tell Malachi if he does a good job today he gets to get pizza from a box"

"I didn't make malachi finish his homework because he was playing with his brother"

all these probably sound like strange reasons to call school, many seem unimportant. But I'm lucky enough to have teachers that know WHY these little things are so important and they appreciate having the information because those little things affect my kids entire day. sometimes the entire week.


  1. Not weird to me. At all. You are incredibly lucky. Those teachers who 'get it' are few and far between. God Bless them! and you, Neenz <3

  2. you are wonderful. your boys are wonderful. and thank god for some GOOD teachers. <3 <3