Monday, November 5, 2012

write that down!

Nov 1st 2012 : At one point today I had to go out to the van to get something ( and leave the kids alone in the house for a minute) Violet stuck her head out the door after me and said in a frantic voice " MOM! Am I in charge??!!" oct 31 2012: Violet: " mom , do you think Gumball ( the tv show "the amazing world of ") is kind of in-prope-piate ( inappropriate) ?" oct 27 2012: " I want more hours in the day!" - Malachi oct 25 2012: searching everywhere for Violet's hat when she informs me " well mom, hats can't walk or run or hide..all they can do is sit on the floor" oct 21 2012: " I care about people's feelwings" - violet (4yrs old) oct 21 2012: Violet just brought me a tiny something on her finger saying " see that mom?" she had me pick it up and examine it before telling me " that was in my eye when I sleeped " ohhhhhh.. Thank you for handing me your eye-sleep little darling ;) oct 17 2012 Jesse: "is this what having kids is like?! I thought they were just going to be cute and small!" Me: " I know. Me too. False advertising " oct 17 2012 : Violet: " do people call frogs 'feminine'?" Me: " do you mean 'amphibian' ?" Violet: "yeah. Feminine. " Oct 16 2012:Violet just drew a picture of me ( huge) and Jesse ( small) and she told me it is a picture of me as a mom and daddy when he was a baby . A psych would have a field day with this drawing. oct 15 2012: Ivan: "Malachi! You only have ONE friend??!!!" Malachi: " yeah.. But I'm thinking about getting another one" oct 12 2012: Ivan is writing a story ( similar to Lord Of The Rings) and he made Malachi into a wizard in the story :) Malachi is totally THRILLED and keeps asking questions like " will I be in the end of the story? Awesome!" oct 10 2012: Violet : " mom, do seahorses have bones?" " what does it look like inside your heart? Pink squishy stuff?" " is Malachi quiet because he feels nervous?" oct 9 2012: Violet: "if someone squeezed a whole cow it would get flat . Right?" Tara Endicott: " if you were a super hero you would be " super-feeler" and you would be the WORST super hero EVER" Nina Schmidt: " and my cryptonite would be- EVERYTHING" oct 5 2012: I looked deep into Ivan's eyes and said " just so you know, mom knows when you're faking". we had a moment of sober understanding and that was all that needed to be said on that subject. he's coloring at the table and the Big & Small siblings are at school. Sometimes you just need a day to regroup in quiet. I'm ok with that. oct 4 2012: 6:30am: " mom.. I accidentally wet the bed. I'm really really sorry!!! ... It was your bed " ~ Ivan Nov 25 2012: Sometimes Jesse emails me from work : J:You're skin is white like a noodle. I am not like a noodle. My skin is red. Me: is this a love poem? J: haiku of love. Nov 24 2012 : Ivan has The Cold the worst so far. It's because he's the worst at blowing his nose. Just sniffs and sniffs and sniffs... Ugh . I feel ragey over it BLOW IT OUT KID!!! jUST BLOW THE SNOT OUT!!!! They should make a greeting card that says : " congrats !! Your kid finally learned to blow his nose!! " I would buy that card. Violet(4 yrs old): " what number are you now mom?" Me: "35" Violet: " whoa! That's a big number" Me: " it really is , isn't it"

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