Thursday, November 8, 2012

today I ran for the #3.

this is for the 3 minutes that i could barely run the first time i tried. for how hard mile 3 is and for leaving it behind and for every 3 miles after that. for 3 positive pregnancy tests and for 3 times my belly stretched to hold them. for the 3 pairs of glasses that are on their way in the mail for my eyes that refuse to see what my heart knows is there. for the 3 miles ember endicott wants to walk in the woods . for falling in love 3 times more than most people get to. for the 3rd chorus. for getting in the car every day at 3:00 to pick up my 3 children and for the 3 minute walk to the car that feels so long when they are all watching . for 3 minute showers with the door open. for his pain and for the pills he takes 3 times a day. for the 3rd day in a row of 16 hour shifts. for my 3rd grade glasses. for 3 pants sizes. for 3 mittens and 3 kittens. for the 3 time-outs. for 3 different bedtime stories. for the 3 paintings that meant nothing and for the 3 that meant everything. for 3 years of being known. and for you.

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  1. why you gotta make me cry all the time friend?!? <3