Sunday, June 24, 2012

regarding the potatoes

once when i was little we were sitting around the dinner table, mom had made something that you'd put ketchup on (I don't remember what)and there were also some fried potatoes on my plate and without thinking i poured ketchup on them. I started to cry because i hadn't meant to do it, I didn't eat ketchup on my potatoes and i thought i had ruined my dinner AND wasted food. my dad quickly took my portion declaring that he actually liked ketchup on his potatoes so he didn't mind at all. I cried a lot, because i was grateful, but i was also not sure if he really DID like ketchup, or if he was just sacrificing on my behalf. I felt guilty all through dinner and then some. Dear 7 year old self, dad really does like ketchup on fried potatoes so you didn't have to worry. love, me.

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