Thursday, January 12, 2012

an example of what being a mommy is

if you are ever unsure about where you rank- let me remind you- last. yes. last. you are last on the list.
you can eat your dinner cold when everyone else is done. you do not get to sleep when you want or shower with the door shut. you can not buy a new outfit because you have to buy second winter coats for rambunctious boys who break their zippers only halfway through the winter. you can not have an apple because all the good food goes to them. if you are sick, throwing up,or have a severed still have to make dinner. and lunch. and breakfast. you are the ONLY one that knows where the other shoe is. what homework is due or how to tuck the blankets in "the right way"
and even though you haven't had a check up in two years, you have to push your appointment back another two months because you have to take a sick kid in to the dr instead. Yes. you can only go to the dr if everyone else , in the entire world, is healthy.

and even with all that- you actually smile and welcome it with open arms . Even when you have a sore neck for months at a time for having to sleep on 6 inches of bed because your 3 year old is on one side, the 7 year old on the other and a cat at your feet-
even then- you wake up in the night because a tiny hand is stroking your cheek and groggily whispering " I love you momma" and you are so happy that she woke you up so you didn't miss it

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