Friday, August 12, 2011

surprising generosity

this one time i was complaining on facebook about how i don't have a decent easel.
i have been using this old children's easel that is actually a chalkboard. it didn't even have a place to rest a canvas so I screwed a leftover chunk of wood to it from some broken something or other.

Then the other day the bottom piece broke and fell out, so it's quite precarious..might crumble any day.

It's also not big enough, so I put a piece of peg board on it to try to find more space for hanging things I'm working on.

I also bought this tiny umbrella one,

but found out quickly that it falls down constantly and is always crooked no matter how many times I adjust it. *sigh*

so my friend Kris said he could totally make me an easel. fantastic! but we didn't talk out the details yet...

so last night, Kris comes to my opening night of my exhibit and what does he bring me? the most kick-ass easel you have every laid eyes on.

I would have been happy with three barn boards nailed together. But no. he made THIS:

I can not even get over this amazing gift . I just keep staring at it. I don't even want to get paint on it it's so blasted beautiful
the pictures do NOT do it justice. it's incredible

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