Sunday, May 15, 2011

who's your support ?

i hate exercising. i hate it.
but i hate being fat even more

so how do you motivate yourself? how do you get through it? i think we're supposed to be positive and have a "support system" and all that...right? i'm pretty sure we're not supposed to call ourselves names and degrade ourselves in our head right? well so far it's working for me.
i am the meanest drill sergeant in my head. when i feel like i can't make that last mile or so i've been known to chant ' fatty fatty 2x4 can't get through the kitchen door' in my head. wrong?
one thing that really DOES help is music. music is the key. there have been times when i never would have gotten through my run without those words and those beats.

on a dark rainy day the postal service ran my 4 miles with me
another day it's moby, even the arcade fire jogged with me one day.
my husband prefers to listen to screamy violent music when he runs. I get it...but most of the time i choose friends that aren't yelling. because i do enough yelling in my own head.

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  1. oh neener. i just adore you. <3 and yes, i insult myself also.