Saturday, April 9, 2011

some things happened

and I've had it. I've just HAD IT.

the room upstairs that Malachi's swing hangs in is very old crumbly plaster. it was cracked when we moved here, but then with all the swinging this happened

And every day there is more and more little chunks of plaster and dust caked into the carpet.
one day I actually found the boys upstairs playing pretend WITH THE PLASTER PIECES! *sigh*
Jesse is convinced we can just patch it. um........
it is falling apart.
yes. putting swings in a bedroom that small where the kids feet can hit the wall might sound silly... Ok. really stupid. BUT! understand that swinging is critical to Malachi. He has found it regulates him and helps him process. he says " I need to think!!" and swings and it helps him. he swings several times a day and he can't always do it outside. So no. I don't regret hanging the swings up there.
but now here we are. plaster caked carpet and falling apart walls. And my husband wants NOTHING to do with this project.

so ...some things happened which I won't get into......
and when I looked in the closet and saw this nice floor...
I just ..well..I think I blacked out because when I realized what was going on I already had half the carpet torn out.

and many hours later. hands bleeding and numb this is where I am at

please someone tell me if I can just scrub this off with some happy soft bubbles! yes?
perhaps I can dump some acid on there?

because literally
I can barely feel my hands as I type this.
people who glue carpet down should be tortured.

and I haven't even gotten to the sledgehammering the walls part!

I am now begging.


  1. nina! you need help woman! my husband is pretty could always like, fly him out and he'd fix it. ha. yikes. <3

  2. i should add- what is currently stuck to the floor is more paper (from the foam back carpet) than it is actual GLUE, so it DOES come off, but it is taking a million years and more power than I have to do by hand. The bummer is the finish under that paper is really nice! so I feel like it doesn't really have to be SANDED..does it?